Windows 10

Windows 10 is the fastest start in Windows history, with over 270 million active devices. Windows 10 Anniversary update is coming, for free, to PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One, Microsoft HoloLens and IOT. Key innovations are:

-          Windows Hello Brings Biometric Security to Apps and Microsoft Edge

-          Windows Ink Brings the Power of Windows to the Tip of Your Pen

-          Cortana, Now More Helpful than Ever, with over 1,000 apps: we’re launching a new Cortana Collection in the Windows Store to make it easy for you to find great apps with Cortana. Cortana can shut down the PC now

-          Bash is coming to Windows: For users of popular command-line tools, Windows 10 now has great support for Bash


UWP apps come to Xbox through a Unified Windows Store and every Xbox One can become a dev kit: bringing all Windows apps to the living room. We are releasing the Retail Dev Kit Unlock for Xbox One which enables any Xbox One to be a developer kit with Xbox Dev Mode. Now anyone can develop UWP apps and deploy them to an Xbox One.


HoloLens is the only device that enables holographic computing natively with no markers, no external cameras, no wires, no phone required, and no connection to a PC needed. The Windows Holographic SDK and emulator are now available for download and Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is starting to ship to developers.


Visual Studio “15” Preview Now Available. Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 also.

Cortana intelligence suite: Give your apps a human side. Allows developers to build bots and use machine learning to build natural language understanding

Xamarin will help .NET developers to share code across platforms.

Project Centennial helps Win32 and .NET application to be distributed in the Windows Store.

Announcing Xamarin SDK, Unity SDK and open APIs for Azure Mobile Engagement